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Nearly every church has got rid of its King James Bibles. The King James Bibles are the ones which are written in the old English language. A lot of people say it is very hard to read, because the language is hard to understand. This is not true.

When they get rid of the King James Bibles, most churches buy a Bible called the New International Version. (The New International Version is written in modern English). They say it is easier to read, but this is not right.

A lot of deaf people buy a different version*, called the Good News bible. But, it is NOT a proper Bible. The Good News bible took bits of the real Bible and wrote them in very easy language, like a story. But because this version has not got all of the Bible in it, it is not a real Bible. Also, the Good News bible has got wrong things in it. It does not tell you what God really says. So, it is easy to read, but it is wrong. That means it is no good for the deaf. It is better for the deaf to struggle to read the King James Bible!

The Translators

A translator* is a person who learns languages. He then changes the words into another language. (A person who uses sign-language is a translator). The Bible was written in a number of different languages. The two main ones were HEBREW and GREEK. The people who translate the Bible must change the Hebrew and the Greek words into English, so we can understand what it says. Translators also change these Bible languages into other languages, like French, or Japanese, and so on.

The King James Bible was written hundreds of years ago, in the time of King James and was published in 1611. That is why it is called the King James version...the King wanted the people to read the Bible in their own language. So he got together the Bible scholars*. The scholars chosen by King James were all godly, Christian men. They translated the Hebrew and Greek words of the Bible into English. They did it because they loved God and wanted the people to know what God said.

But the modern versions of the Bible (like the other ones mentioned above) did not use good men. They were all scholars, but they were not all Christians! Some of them did not love God. In fact, some of them hated God! So, they did not translate the words properly. They changed the meanings of many words. And they left out many important words. This is because the first modern translators hated the King James Bible and they wanted to get rid of it. This is why we should not read the modern versions - not even the Good News bible. Will YOU trust these men if they did not love God and they did not love God's word?

The modern translators-told us that some of the Bible (which is God's word) can be cut out today. They told us that some of it is not useful. But God says in His word, (the Bible), that EVERYTHING in the Bible must be used. The Bible tells us that we must not take away any part of it. If we take anything out, then God does not like us anymore.

The writers of new versions pretend that the King James Bible is no good. They tell everybody not to read it. Then they tell everybody to buy the new, modern versions and the shops will not sell the King James Bible. So, printers do not print the King James Bible. Soon, you will not be able to buy the King James Bible anywhere (see how many shops sell it in your town! If they do sell it, tell them they are doing a good thing and to keep on selling it). This is what the new writers want you to do, so that they can get rid of the King James Bible!

Do not let these sinful people tell you lies. Keep reading the King James version. It is the best Bible you will ever buy. It will not be hard to read if you keep on reading it. Even if some parts are hard, just go to a real Christian and ask him to help you to understand it.

Remember, every time a new Bible is written, millions of people buy it. That means the printers and publishers get very, very rich! They do not care if their new Bible is good, or if it is bad. They just care about making lots of money. But God's word is holy. We must not let people treat it badly like that.

The Apocrypha

You will find the Apocrypha* in many modern versions of the Bible. It is also liked by the Roman Catholic church. But the Apocrypha is not a part of the Bible given by God! If you read it, just remember that it is not a part of the Bible. Lots of people say that it is a part of the Bible, but it is not. It is best not to buy a version which has the Apocrypha in it.

Do YOU want to read the truth? Then do not listen to Christians who tell you to read modern versions of the Bible. Some of those Christians belong to groups who want to help the deaf. But if they tell you to read modern versions or even a new BSL Bible (see Publication List), do not listen! Read the King James Bible instead. That will please God and it will help you to know what He says. Is that what YOU want to do? We hope so! God will bless you if you show Him you want to learn the truth.

The Apocrypha (said AH-POK-RIFFA) is just lots of different stories.

Version means, written in another way.

Translator is said TRANZ-LAY-TOR'

A scholar (said 'SKOL-AR') is a person who learns as much as he can about a subject.

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