Are Demons Real?

Today, there is lot of interest in ghosts. This is because people are reading about them and seeing them in films. There are also people who call themselves 'spiritual healers'. They say that God send ghosts or angels to help them to heal people. Some people claim they can cast out ghosts and they use all sorts of things to help them...things like candles, Bibles, bells and so on. They say a certain kind of poem and that is supposed to throw out the ghosts.

So, is it all real? Or are they only in our minds? Let us see what the Bible tells us about these things. The first thing it tells us is that we MUST NOT go and look for them. We must not read about them or watch them on TV or on films. This is because demons watch us doing these things. Then they know that we are interested and they come along and enter our lives, even if we do not want them to.

We must not go to people who say they can talk with the dead. They are called 'mediums'*. God says that He hates mediums and will send them to hell because they are evil. The trouble is, most mediums seem to be very nice people. But, God does not think so. In the Old Testament, God made king Saul kill himself with his own sword, because he had been talking to a medium! Mediums say that they talk to dead friends or loved ones. This is a lie. They are not talking to the dead - they are talking to demons.

What are demons? They are evil angels. The Bible tells us that Satan was the chief of all angels in heaven, who lived with God. But he sinned and God threw him out of heaven and down to earth. Other angels were also thrown out, because they listened to Satan. When they were thrown out, they became evil angels. Their work is to listen to Satan and to do evil things, because they hate God. That is why God said He will throw them into hell at the end of time. And everybody who is not saved will go there, too.

The Bible tells us that Satan and his demons roam around the world looking for people to harm. Then he makes their lives miserable. He sometimes fills people with demons, who then live inside them. They can also go inside animals, houses and objects. People think that when a demon is inside a house, he is a ghost of someone who has died. Many people think that ghosts can be good or bad. This is not true. Ghosts are not dead people who come back to earth. They are demons. And ALL demons are evil. All they want to do is to harm us. Sometimes they pretend to do good things, just so that we listen to them and do what they say.

But they are always evil. That is why spiritual healers are also evil.

Demons are very, very strong. They are stronger than any man on earth. Some of them attack people and hurt them, strangle them or even kill them. This does not happen often, thank God. They can also speak and make terrible noises. People who are filled with demons (this is called being 'possessed'*) make strange noises sometimes. Demons can speak even if the person keeps his mouth shut. They can make rooms feel cold and damp. They can move things around in rooms and open doors and so on. Sometimes they throw things around. Yes, demons are very powerful persons.

Because demons are angels, they are spirits (evil spirits). So we cannot see them. They can move anywhere they wish and can go through walls. God is everywhere, but demons can only be in one place at a time. If they want to they can make a body, so that we can see them. This is when we think we see ghosts...they are demons with a pretend body. Demons can also make people think evil things, or make them swear all the time, or make them violent. They even try to make Christians do these things. But, they cannot force a Christian to do them...the Christian can only do them if he wants to.

So, demons and ghosts are not just in our minds. They are real persons, evil angels. They want to harm us all the time. Should we be afraid of them? If you are a Christian, then you must not be afraid! Demons are very powerful. In the Bible we are told that people are made higher than animals, but angels are made higher than people. We cannot fight demons on our own. In the Bible we read of a chief angel who did not dare to fight Satan, because he is too powerful. Instead, he called God to help him. And that is how we can beat demons.

Christians must never go looking for demons. They must not offer to cast out demons from another person or from houses etc. If they do this, the demons can harm them. The way to do it is to pray to God to help you. Then, say to the demon "Get out in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ". When you ask Christ to help you, the demon cannot harm you. BUT remember this - if you have got secret sins, demons will know about them! They will not listen to you. So, be careful but do not be afraid, for Jesus Christ is more powerful than any demons.

We will see more and more evil things going on in the future. It is already happening. The way gays are acting today is a sign that Satan is getting worse. There are many more murders today - that is the work of demons, who fill people with hate. There are many people living together and many divorces. These are all things demons are doing. Things will get worse and worse. That is what the Bible tells us. We can see it for ourselves. But, God says that one day He will come and stop it. Until that time, we must be careful, for demons are real and they are evil.

* demons is said DEE-MONZ

* ghosts is said GOESTS

* mediums is said MEED-EE-UMZ

* Possessed is said POZ-EST

© November 1993

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