The Flood and the Ark

What do you think about the Flood in the Bible? What do you think about the Ark which Noah built? Many people think they are just nice stories. What do YOU think? It is important to know the truth about it, because it is God's word. That means the Flood and the Ark were real and a part of the history of the world.

In the Book of Genesis, chapter 6, we are told that God said men were very wicked and that they did whatever they wanted to do. They forgot about God. So, God said He would destroy the earth and all the people.

God called a man named Noah and told him to build a huge boat, called an Ark. God gave him all the details and told him how to build it. It took Noah 120 years to build the Ark! But how could that be true? Well, in those days, people lived for hundreds and hundreds of years. Look in your Bible and see how men lived for more than 900 years! So, Noah was just a young man when he finished the Ark!

During that time, the people who saw him laughed. They did not believe him when he told them God was going to destroy the world and kill them. What fear they must have had when the rain started to fall! Before the Flood came, people did not know about rain. God made the world just right. It did not need rain, because God put dewdrops of water onto plants to make them grow. It was always warm and there was no bad weather. But all that changed after the Flood.

The Ark built by Noah was the biggest boat ever to be built in the world until THIS century! It was huge - longer than a football field. It had three floors and lots of rooms for the different animals. Experts say that it was so big that all the animals in the world could fit into it and there would still be room left over. Of course, God told Noah to take only a few of each. Then, when they left the Ark, there would be just enough of them to start breeding again. There was even room on the Ark for all the food needed by the people and the animals!

Experts who know about boats say that the Ark was the most perfect boat ever to be built, because it could not sink. It was designed to stay afloat, rather than to travel across the waters. It looked a bit like a huge shed, with no windows or doors or a deck! When it was ready, God called the animals and told them to go to Noah. Dinosaurs also went onto the Ark. They must have been very young ones, though. Most of them died in the Flood. That is why their bones are now found in the earth. Even fish and birds died in the Flood, if they were not chosen to get onto the Ark. Because they all died at the same time, this is why so many of them are now found in the same layer of rock.

Where did all the rain come from? God says in His word that there was water all around the earth. This water kept the harmful rays of the sun from hurting people. But then God commanded the water to fall and it fell for a long time, because there was so much water in the sky. Also, water was kept under the earth. God commanded the earth to crack open so that the water could shoot up into the air, like huge fountains. So, water came down from the sky and up from under the earth! Only Noah and his family lived through it. Millions of people on earth were killed, because they were so evil. God let Noah and his family live because they followed Him.

When the water stopped, the Ark floated for a while. The water covered every part of the world, even the hills. Because the water weighed millions and millions of tons and because water was pushed up from under the earth, huge bits of the world were pushed up and crushed too. That is where we got our big mountains from! The force of the water was so great, that it turned the earth's layers upside down! It also made big valleys, even under the sea. When the waters went away, we were left with valleys and big mountains and large seas which cut pieces of land off from other parts. That is where we got our different continents from.

How did the water go away? Some of it drained away back under the earth. Some of it went back up into the air and made clouds, which we still see today. The rest made seas. Because there is no longer a water blanket around the whole earth, the sun burns things, makes fires and gives people cancer. But it was caused by men's sin.

As the water went down, the Ark came to rest on top of a mountain. As soon as God told Noah it was safe to leave and He had drained away the water, Noah opened the Ark. The animals went out and spread slowly over all the earth. In those days nearly all lands were joined in parts. As time went on, water started to cover these joins until some countries were cut off. That is why America is almost cut off today and why Australia is on its own.

By the time the animals came out of the Ark, God had already made sure that there was food growing. Before the Flood all animals ate grass or other plants. Even lions were vegetarians! But after the Flood some things were changed by God...some animals started to eat flesh. There were plenty of dead animals around, so they had a lot of food! Also, men had shorter lives. Instead of living for hundreds of years, God said that anybody born after the Flood would live about as long as we do today. That is why Noah and his family lived a long time, but everybody who was born after started to die at a younger age.

Some say that all the people of the earth could not have come from just Noah and his family. Yes they could! People who are maths experts tell us that millions of people can come from only one man and one woman, in a very short time. So, the Flood of the Bible was real. And so was the Ark.

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