Kicked Out of Churches

In some churches, when members are kicked out, it is called 'excommunication'. Sometimes it is called 'disfellowship'. It means that the church does not want them to be members and they have got to leave. The Bible tells us that members can be kicked out, but it says that we must do it properly. Also, they must be kicked out for a good reason. Sadly, most people are not kicked out for a good reason. But, most Christians leave churches on their own. They are not kicked out. Why do they leave? They leave because they have got to! Let me give you some examples....

If a pastor teaches wrong things all the time, then someone must tell him to stop. If he does not stop and the other members will not tell him to go, then it is best for the person who told the pastor to stop, to leave that church. He can then try to find another one.

A person might leave because the members are all doing wrong things, such as pretending to speak in tongues. In the Bible, many Christians spoke in tongues. Today, people say they are speaking in tongues, but they are not! They just say stupid things which do not make sense to anybody. In the Bible, tongues were foreign languages. They were not words that only God could understand! And they were not words that only angels could understand! Today, people use false tongues...they pretend that only angels can understand them. But they are not speaking in tongues. They are fooling around! If a whole church pretends to speak in tongues, or pretends to have lots of odd gifts from God, like healing, then it is best to leave that place.

There are other reasons why a person must leave a church. It does not matter if he is kicked out or if he must leave by himself. It is all the same. Thousands of people leave their churches every year. Did you know that? Well, they do! It is wrong that they must leave. They should not have to leave. Instead, the people, who forced them to leave, should ask God for forgiveness. They must stop the wrong things they are doing. Then the person will not have to leave. But, this does not happen and the person is forced to leave.

The Bible tells us that all Christians must meet together. But, if they meet and say wrong things, or do wrong things, then God does not like it. If another Christian tells them to stop doing wrong, they must do it straight away. If they do not, then the person who says the truth might be forced to leave. He cannot stay in a church which is doing or saying sinful things.

But there are good reasons why a church must kick out some Christians. Sometimes, the church members are good and they follow Jesus. They do what God says. And the pastor might be good, too. He preaches what the Bible says. So, if a person does not like it, he might start to talk about evil teachings (called 'heresies'). For example, some people try to say that Jesus is not God. Or, they might say that we must work to get saved. If they say this, then the pastor must speak to them to try to get them to change their minds. If they do not listen, then they must be kicked out. Or, people might to do sinful things. For example, they might start to get drunk, or take drugs, or sleep with people they are not married to. If they will not stop these wrong things, then they must be kicked out of the church.

When people are kicked out for a good reason, the pastor and the other members must pray for the person they have kicked out. They must tell him that he can come back again if he repents to God and stops saying or doing the sinful things. Then, the person must leave. If he sees that he was wrong, then he will pray to God for forgiveness. Then he will change and stop the evil things. After a while he can go back to the church and ask if he can get back in. So long as the pastor and the people think he has changed, he can get back in again. But he must prove to them that he has changed. Only the Holy Spirit can help him to change.

Sometimes a person will not change and he gets worse all the time. If that happens, he can never get back into the church. It is important for the pastor to get a bad person out of the church, because that is what God tells us to do in the Bible.

Not many people are kicked out because they are sinful. Most of them are kicked out because the pastor does not like them, or because the members are doing wrong things. Some bishops in the Church of England say terrible things. But they are not kicked out. That is evil! Bishops who say sinful things or who say that the Bible is wrong, must be kicked out straight away. If they do not get kicked out, then God does not like it and the Holy Spirit will not be with the church.

If somebody says that he is gay, then the pastor must go to him and tell him he is wrong and that being gay is a terrible sin. The person must then change and never be gay again. If he refuses to stop being gay, then he must be kicked out of the church until he repents and changes. Of course, there are many reasons why a Christian must be kicked out of a church. I have only given you some examples. If you are not sure about it, just ask the Director of DBM. Tell him what has happened and he will try to help you.

Churches must always see what the Bible says about everything. They cannot kick out people just because they do not like them! No, a person can only be kicked out if he has done or said something very wrong. But if he changes and repents, then he can stay. Or, if he has been kicked out and then changes, he can get back in.

Do YOU know someone who has been kicked out of a church? Do you pray for him, so that he will change and repent? If you think someone has been kicked out but he did not deserve it, will you go to the pastor or to the others to tell them they are wrong?

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