How Do You Become a Christian?

Q: Can a person become a Christian by going to church all of the time?
A: No, he cannot.

Q: Can he become a Christian if he prays all of the time?
A: No, he cannot.

Q: Can he become a Christian because his parents are Christians?
A: No, he cannot.

Q: Can he become a Christian if he walks to the front of the church and says he accepts Christ?
A: No, he cannot.

Q: Can a person become a Christian if he chooses to follow Christ?
A: No, he cannot.

Q: Well, if none of these things make a man a Christian, how can he become one? Can we do anything to be saved?
A: No, we cannot!

The Bible tells us how we can become Christians. That is, how we can become saved. It tells us that we can do nothing at all to be saved. What does the Bible say?

The first thing we are told is that all men, women and children, are "dead in sin". It means that nobody is holy and pure. Because nobody is holy and pure, God cannot have them anywhere near Him. So, when they die, they must go to hell forever. In the book of Hebrews chapter 12 verse 14, we are told that

"Without holiness no man shall see the Lord."

God does not listen to people who pray, if they are not saved. So, even if these people are having a really bad time, God will not listen to their prayers. When you see Roman Catholic priests praying for people who have just died, God does not listen to their prayers. This is because the priests are not saved and maybe the dead people are not saved either. No matter what happens, God never listens to those who are not saved. God only listens to men, women and children, who are saved.

In the book of John chapter 3 verse 8, we see that people cannot be saved until they are "born of the spirit". What does this mean? It means that God chooses the people He wants to save. He chooses them before they are born. In fact, God chose who will be saved before He made the world! Just before a person is saved, God sends the Holy Spirit to him. God's Spirit then makes the person's own spirit alive. Before that, his spirit was dead and could not listen to God.

As soon as the person's own spirit is alive, he can hear God talking. So, when it is time for the person to be saved, his spirit listens and he must then do what God says. God first of all says that the person must repent. This means the person must be very, very sorry for his past sins and must ask God to forgive him. He must also stop doing wrong and he must do what is good and pleasing to God. Repentance is very important. In the book of Luke chapter 17 verse 3, it says:

"Except you repent you shall all...perish"

When the person repents, God will forgive him and the person is then saved.

A man went to Jesus at night. Jesus told him that he had to be born again. The man asked how could he be born again? Jesus said that if he was not born of the Spirit of God, then he could not enter heaven. Then Jesus told him that whoever believed in Him would have everlasting life. That is, he would be saved. You will find this in the book of John chapter 3 verses 16 and 17.

The important thing to know is that Jesus did not tell the man that he could choose to believe in God. Nor did Jesus say that the man could choose to be saved. No, He said that the man had to be born of the Spirit. A baby cannot be born by itself, can it? No, a baby is made by its parents and it grows inside the mother. Then, when the time is right, the baby is born. But the baby cannot make itself, nor can it choose when to be born. So, when a man is born again, he cannot choose to be born again. Anyway, he was dead in his sin...and a dead man cannot choose to do anything at all! That is why God must do the work. Can you see this?

When you see people going to the front in big meetings and saying that they accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour, you will now know that they are wrong. They cannot accept Jesus. They cannot make themselves be born again. They cannot even repent, until God makes them to be born again!

So, please remember that you cannot do anything to be saved. But, when God chooses you and makes you to be born again, you will repent. When that happens, God gives you a free gift - he saves you. You will go to heaven when you die. All of this is given to you by God. You cannot get it any other way. Going to church is great - but it will not save you. Praying is important - but only after God has saved you. Doing good is the right thing to do - but only after you have been saved. Nothing you can do can save you. It is all a free gift from God. Many other people will tell you this is not true, but just read the Bible. It tells you what you have just read in this article. That means the other people do not know what they are talking about! How to be a Christian is important, so do not get it wrong. Do not believe what other people tell you unless they tell you what the Bible says.

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