Doing Good

Every Christian must do good. He must say good things, think good things and do good things. We all know that is true. And even unsaved people know that Christians must do good. When we do good, we are showing God's love. But, did you know there are times when doing what we call ‘good’ is NOT good at all? In fact, it can be sin.

Let me give you two examples of doing good, which are not really good at all. One local church opened a house for homeless people. Most of the people in it are tramps. The church also has a soup kitchen for the homeless. Now, is this a Christian thing to do, or not? No, in this case it is not! The people the church puts in the house are all kinds. None of them are Christians and none of them believe in God. We are told in the Second Book of Chronicles, for example, that we must not help people who hate God. So why is that church helping people who hate God? If they help people who hate God, after God says they must not help such people, then that makes them sinners! It means that what we think is good is, really, bad! And the same goes for the soup kitchen.

Just because someone is homeless, it does not mean that Christians should help them. I know that some homeless people take Bibles from these Christians. The Christians think that they are reading them. But they are not... they rip out the pages to make cigarette paper! How can Christians give away Bibles to people who rip up God's word!

And what about giving them soup on a cold night or, giving them money? Is that good? It might be, in some cases, if the people we are helping really need it and if God tells us to do it. If we do it because we feel like it, or because we feel sad about them, then it is not enough. But, if GOD tells us to do it, that is fine.

We are told not to give help to people who hate God. That is why we cannot give help to just anybody. If a tramp is living rough, we must find out why. It could be that he has beaten up his wife and kids. It could be that he has become a drunk. It could be that he hates people. We must not help these people! If they hate God's way of living, then we must not help them, just because they are homeless. There are many young people on the streets now. But many of them have run away from home, leaving parents who are out of their minds with worry. We can tell them to go home, but we must not help them to stay away by giving them food and shelter! If we do that, then we are as wrong as they are! Many of them stay away from home because they want drugs or, sex. We must not give them help, either.

Some churches join together to offer help to people with AIDS. Is that good? No, it is not good. God might tell somebody to help one or two people with AIDS...but He will not tell us to offer help to everybody with AIDS. Why? Because most of them are homosexuals (gays). Nearly all homosexuals still like to be gay, even if they get AIDS. They got AIDS by doing things God hates. God says that He will send them to hell because they are gay and they do sin. So, Christians cannot help these people, unless they repent and stop being gay straight away. If they wanted to, they could stop...but they want to be gay, so they do not stop!

What about giving money to people with charity boxes in the street? Is that good? Not really, because we do not know what the money is given to. We should find out first what the money is being given to. Also, we should pray to God to see if we should give them money. We should not give to some things, for example, homes for cats and dogs. We should not give to children’s homes, either, if the homes are run by Roman Catholics or some other cult. This is because the Catholics will teach the children how to be Catholics. We must not give money to those who do not believe in God and who teach others the same things.

Is it right to give food and clothes to places like Pakistan or Ethiopia? It all depends. Remember that many of the people who live in lands with terrible wars or famine or no water, are heathen. That means they do not believe in God and do not want anything to do with Him. So, we must not give them anything. This sounds very hard, but that is the way we must think. God tells us this.

In the Bible we find that God tells us how we should give help. We must first of all praise God. That is our first thing to do. Then, we can give help to those in our family. If we give money to the church but we leave our own family or parents without help, then God hates it. We must give to our own family first. After that, if we have got money left over, then we can give to other Christians. In our land, there are still many Christians who are very poor. It is wrong to give our money to starving people in other lands, if there are poor Christians living in our own land.

What if our church building needs repairs? If we have helped all the Christians who need help, then we can help to give to the building. God will not like it if we repair the building, but we do not help poor Christians! It is better to let the building fall down! After all, most of the early Christians met in their homes. It might be awkward, but it is better than letting our own brethren starve or suffer.

Some think that it is a good idea to give help to the unsaved, so that they will come to hear the Gospel. This is the wrong way to think. God chooses who He wants to save. So it makes no difference what we try to do ourselves. All we must do is to preach to people! If we try to give them things first, we are really doing wrong, because we cannot do anything to save people. We must show God is true and we must preach to people. That is the way to do it. Sometimes, a Christian will be called by God to help this or that person. But God does not call all of a church to help everybody, even if they hate God! Think carefully before you give help to people, because you might be helping people who hate God.

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