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Nearly all Christians go to church on Christmas Day. Do you? Well, I am a Christian pastor of a small church. But, I do not hold special services on Christmas Day. Is this wrong? No, it is not. Let me tell you why...

The idea of Christmas Day is not found in the Bible. The Bible does not tell us to keep Christmas Day holy. It was started about 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ. This shows that it could not be found in the Bible. It also shows that true Christians did not know about Christmas Day in the early days of the Church.

Where did Christmas Day come from? It came from the Roman Catholic church and was invented by the popes at that time. On December 25th every year, unbelievers used to hold a festival to praise the sun. Popes thought that if they put a different festival in its place, then the people would go to the Roman Catholic churches instead of going to their pagan* temples. On December 25th, the Roman Catholic priests held three 'masses* for Christ (the word 'Christmas' comes from 'Christ-Mass').

All true Christians know that a Mass is sinful and that the Roman Catholic church is not a Christian church. So, why do Christians celebrate Christmas? It is because most of them do not know the truth. Let me tell you something about the birth of Christ....

First of all, Christ was not born on December 25th. In fact, it is not likely that He was born in any part of December! How do we know this? Well, if you read the Bible you will see that the shepherds were on the hills at night, looking after their sheep. They did not do this in December, because it was winter time and it was too cold to take sheep into the hills at night. The time they did this was either in late Autumn or in early Spring. That means that the Roman Catholics got it wrong!

God does not tell us anywhere in the Bible to make a special day for the birth of Christ. I ask you to look into your Bible. If you can find where the Bible tells us to have special services, please write to me! There are a lot of other important facts about Christmas which Christians do not know about. Does it matter? Of course it does! Christians must always want to know the truth, not lies.

This does not mean that a Christian cannot think about Christ. He can do so, if he wants to. The Bible also tells us that if a Christian wants to make a day holy, then he can do it. But, it does not mean that all other Christians must do the same thing! So, if a Christian wants to have special thoughts about Jesus in December, then he is free to do so. If other Christians do not want to, then they are also free to do so. Whatever you decide to do, please remember that Christmas is not a Christian time and Christmas Day is not a Biblical festival. It is not a holy day commanded by the Bible.

Then we come to Easter! Is Good Friday a special day? Is it holy? Is it commanded by God in His word? What about Easter Monday? These days are just like Christmas. They are not Christian and they are not special days commanded by God. Once again, they were invented by the Roman Catholic church - so we can throw them out!

Please check all this in your Bibles. You will not find anything about Easter or Good Friday being holy days. It is good to remember Jesus Christ, His death on the Cross, and that He rose again. But God does not command us to hold special holy days for it. The only command Jesus gave us about remembering His death was to have communion with each other. (Please read the article on communion). The Christian communion is not like the Roman Catholic Mass, which is evil. Nor is it like the Church of England 'Eucharist'*, which is also invented by men.

After Easter, there are holy days to do with Whitsun. But this, too, is not a special day commanded by God! ALL THE HOLY DAYS FOUND IN THE CHURCHES TODAY ARE FALSE. NONE OF THEM HAVE BEEN COMMANDED BY GOD!

God has commanded us to have only ONE holy day and to keep it special. That day is the seventh-day Sabbath. (That is, a day of rest every seventh day). Before Christ came, that special day was Saturday. Even today, Jews have Saturday for their Sabbath. But, when Christ came and began Christianity, the Church held Sunday as a special day. Sunday became the new Sabbath. On that day, Christians should have a day of rest, because God commanded us to have one. It is also the day when we should all remember God in a special way and praise Him. The Sabbath, then, is the ONLY special holy day commanded by God.

This means that if you are a Christian but, you do not want to go to all those so-called holy day services, like Christmas, Easter and so on, then you must not feel guilty about it! You cannot be forced to attend these meetings, because they are not commanded by God. In fact, it is about time that all these special days were thrown out of our churches, because they were all invented by the Roman Catholic church, which is against God and His word.

Why not talk about these things with other Christians? If other Christians say that you are wrong, ask them if they would like to write to us, so that we can tell them the truth? It is better to stop false meetings than to do what Roman Catholics do. Always remember Jesus Christ, but do not invent special days and force others to hold them. Pray that the Lord will fill you with His truth instead.

* A 'pagan' (said PAY-GAN) is someone who does not believe in the Christian God.

* A 'mass' is the Roman Catholic idea of communion, but it is evil (see article on
Roman Catholic teachings).

* 'Eucharist' is said YEW-KAH-RIST.

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