What Deaf Bible Ministry Believes

The Deaf Bible Ministries (DBM) believes the following Bible teachings are true:

    1. God made everything in six days. He rested on the seventh day.
      People who believe in evolution think we came from monkeys. They also think that the world made itself in millions of years. This is a lie, because God said He made everything in just six days. He made everything perfect.

    2. Men, women and children - even babies - are sinners. We are all born in sin. That means we will all go to hell, if we are not saved by God. Everything we do is sinful, if we do not do what God wants us to do.

    3. Adam and Eve were the two first people on earth. They were real people. They were made perfect and were pure and holy. Then they sinned. When they sinned, they brought death and sin upon all people.
      All people today came from Adam and Eve, so they all sin and die.

  1. God is a Trinity. That is, God is three persons in one. God is the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ*) and the Holy Spirit. Each of them is a real person. No man can completely understand this truth. DBM and BTM cannot completely understand it.

  2. Jesus Christ is our Saviour and Lord. He is the Lord of all people, even if they do not accept him. Everybody must obey God.

  3. We are saved when we believe in Jesus Christ. We can never lose our salvation. We cannot choose to be saved. God chooses us to be saved. He chose us before the world was made. We cannot say we believe in Jesus Christ until God shows us the time to do so. We cannot do anything at all to be saved. Salvation is a free gift of God. We are not saved just by going to the front in a church, or by accepting certain things in the Bible. Nor are we saved just by attending church.

  4. Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. This is important. If He had been born of Mary and of Joseph, then Jesus would have been born in sin. That is why His mother was Mary but His Father was God. Jesus is God and He was also a man.

  5. Mary was a sinner just like everybody else. She should not be worshipped or prayed to. We must only pray to God. Mary cannot help us or talk to God for us. She did not go up to heaven alive like Christ. She died and was buried just like any other person.

  6. Jesus Christ lived on this earth but He did not sin. He could not sin because He is God. He was tempted, but temptation is not sin. Jesus did not give in to temptation. He did miracles and raised the dead. He came to earth to die for us. He did not go off with women and He did not marry.

  7. Jesus Christ really died on the Cross. He lay dead in a real tomb.
    He was raised to life again on the third day and was seen by the apostles and by some women. His body was not stolen from the tomb.

  8. After He was raised, Jesus was seen by a lot of people. Then, after a while, He rose up in the sky to be with His Father. This was seen by hundreds of people. After that, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be with us. As soon as we are saved the Holy Spirit enters us and lives in us. He is a real person.

  9. If the real body of Jesus did not die on the Cross, then we could not be saved. When Jesus died on the Cross, He took the blame for our sins. God accepted this and Jesus took God's anger. So, God is no longer angry with us, if we are saved. If the real body of Jesus was not raised, then we could not go to heaven when we die. When we die we will go to be with Jesus because He was raised to heaven.

  10. Jesus will return to this earth one day. On that day He will raise everybody. He will raise the saved and the unsaved people. Quickly after that, all people will be judged. Those who are saved will go to heaven. Those, who are not saved, will go to hell. Heaven and hell are real places and they will last forever.
    People who go to heaven will enjoy peace and happiness forever. People who go to hell will be punished for ever and will never see God. Jesus will not return to live on earth. He will only come to destroy the earth.

  11. Satan is an evil angel. Demons are evil angels (spirits). They were made higher than human beings and they are very strong and powerful. They were thrown out of heaven by God because they sinned. When God judges everybody, He will throw Satan and the demons into hell for ever. Until that time, they roam on the earth, trying to make everybody sin. They cause misery and unhappiness. Satan and demons are real beings, but they cannot be seen. They can take on human and other shapes sometimes. Demons can pretend to be our friends and loved ones. So, mediums (people who say they have got messages for us from our dead friends and relatives) are liars and they take their orders from demons. Ghosts are really demons. Satan and demons are always evil and will always do us harm. There are no good demons or good ghosts.

  12. The Bible is the only place we can find God's word. People who say God has given them extra messages are liars because the Bible says so.

  13. Many Christians say that the proof we are saved is when we speak in tongues. This is another lie. If this was really true, then YOU and ALL DEAF PEOPLE cannot be saved because you cannot speak normally! Do not believe these people. In the Bible, speaking in tongues meant to speak in a foreign language. It did not mean that people spoke in a strange, spiritual, angel language.

* Christ means 'anointed one'. That is, He is the Messiah (said MESS-EYE-AH) or the chosen one of God.

What you have just read are some of the things the Deaf Bible Ministries believes in. If you want to ask us questions about what we believe, just write to Ian Funnel or to BTM. The addresses are shown in Contact Us.

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