Introduction to Deaf Bible Ministries

Deaf Bible Ministries is supported by Free Grace Deaf Church, Blackburn, UK, of which Kevin Mills is a voluntary deaf pastor.

Deaf Bible Ministries articles are checked by Dr K. B. Napier before being released for publication. He works full-time for Bible Theology Ministries (for more information please read ‘Who is K. B. Napier', or see his website,

Deaf Bible Ministries is also subject to all readers, through proper, scriptural comments and inquiries. If a scriptural error or mistake is found in anything we write, we promise to alter or rewrite such publications without delay, to be consistent with scripture.

Deaf Bible Ministries is a unique website being set up for the deaf and is run by deaf Christians. The website is administrated by Ian Funnell who is the founder and is himself deaf.

The Work We Do

The work of Deaf Bible Ministries is:

“For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.”

(Ephesians 4:12)

Our work is apologetic, which means defending scripture as it is written. To do this, we must assess what happens both inside and outside the churches, including deaf churches. We check what they actually preach and teach because, as we have found out, not all churches are the same.

The Bible warns us that we must first test the 'spirits' to see if they are of God. We do this continually in honouring Jesus Christ and His word.

We agree with the Five Points of Calvin and what he taught concerning election but we are not totally 'Calvinist’, because 'Calvinism' cannot save us. In accordance to what the Bible says, we proclaim the Gospel of Christ and we teach election, predestination, grace and true Protestant doctrine. We are not just ‘Reformed’, but we are continually reforming, as scripture demands because the Bible is life-giving grace, not dead end.


'Deaf Bible Ministries' publishes short articles for the deaf, using simple words. We try to explain words which might be hard to understand. If you do not understand something you read in our articles, just write to us and we will try to explain it in a better way.

The aim of these articles is to help deaf Christians to grow in faith, by showing what God says in His word, the Bible.

Please note that our Bible verses are taken from the 'King James Version' also known as the 'Authorised Version'. It may be harder to read, but it is the best version to use because it is the only one that is faithfully translated available on the market.

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