What Deaf Bible Ministry Believes

The Deaf Bible Ministries (DBM) believes the following Bible teachings are true:

    1. God made everything in six days. He rested on the seventh day.
      People who believe in evolution think we came from monkeys. They also think that the world made itself in millions of years. This is a lie, because God said He made everything in just six days. He made everything perfect.

    2. Men, women and children - even babies - are sinners. We are all born in sin. That means we will all go to hell, if we are not saved by God. Everything we do is sinful, if we do not do what God wants us to do.

    3. Adam and Eve were the two first people on earth. They were real people. They were made perfect and were pure and holy. Then they sinned. When they sinned, they brought death and sin upon all people.
      All people today came from Adam and Eve, so they all sin and die.

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Personal message from the Founder

The Aim - A Christian Teaching Ministry for Deaf People

Today, I see many different 'hearing' churches around the country and I note that their speeches and teachings are very hard to follow and I do not always get what they are trying to say even with the help of sign language interpreter.

Most churches are so organised that they have to comply with church policies, rules, membership and their priorities so as to make themselves good churchgoers. Also they have to adhere to a strict code of dress and practice that makes it hard for deaf people. I notice that they have different shades of faiths and beliefs and even act in the way that they say they should. Whatever their churches' views they hold, you will find how far they have gone from God's word.

There are very few true churches for the deaf run by deaf pastors using sign language. Deaf people, who are isolated, are encouraged by hearing people to join their church; this is what they call a 'mainstreaming' church where interpreters can be hired specially for them. Are the interpreters Christians?

It is not enough to rely on 'hearing' church alone or pastors with more knowledge and experience. Some deaf people prefer a hearing church because the people in the church are very kind, helpful and friendly.

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Introduction to Deaf Bible Ministries

Deaf Bible Ministries is supported by Free Grace Deaf Church, Blackburn, UK, of which Kevin Mills is a voluntary deaf pastor.

Deaf Bible Ministries articles are checked by Dr K. B. Napier before being released for publication. He works full-time for Bible Theology Ministries (for more information please read ‘Who is K. B. Napier', or see his website, www.christiandoctrine.com.

Deaf Bible Ministries is also subject to all readers, through proper, scriptural comments and inquiries. If a scriptural error or mistake is found in anything we write, we promise to alter or rewrite such publications without delay, to be consistent with scripture.

Deaf Bible Ministries is a unique website being set up for the deaf and is run by deaf Christians. The website is administrated by Ian Funnell who is the founder and is himself deaf.

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Donations to Deaf Bible Ministries

How to Donate to Deaf Bible Ministries

Ian Funnell is doing most of this work voluntarily and he receives no income. He bears the cost of running the website, computer, printers, ink cartridges, and buying paper and envelopes, etc. The cost of postage is now very expensive especially to countries outside UK.

Donations and gifts are always welcome and gratefully received. If there is enough funding, I should be able to send out articles to countries that are too poor to order them (in reasonable, low numbers).

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