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The Aim - A Christian Teaching Ministry for Deaf People

My aim is to give support to deaf people who cannot help themselves. They experience discriminations just for being deaf. In other countries, deaf people face hardship just for following their Christian faith.

Today, I see many different 'hearing' churches around the country and I note that their speeches and teachings are very hard to follow and I do not always get what they are trying to say even with the help of sign language interpreter.

Most churches are so organised that they have to comply with church policies, rules, membership and their priorities so as to make themselves good churchgoers. Also they have to adhere to a strict code of dress and practice that makes it hard for deaf people. I notice that they have different shades of faiths and beliefs and even act in the way that they say they should. Whatever their churches' views they hold, you will find how far they have gone from God's word.

There are very few true churches for the deaf run by deaf pastors using sign language. Deaf people, who are isolated, are encouraged by hearing people to join their church; this is what they call a 'mainstreaming' church where interpreters can be hired specially for them. Are the interpreters Christians?

It is not enough to rely on 'hearing' church alone or pastors with more knowledge and experience. Some deaf people prefer a hearing church because the people in the church are very kind, helpful and friendly.

Deaf people do not really socialise properly with hearing people because both have different attitudes, cultures and linguistics. It is like trying to mix oil with water. In the end, deaf people are left struggling, and they know little about Biblical doctrine.

Today, it is hard to find good Biblical teachings suitable for deaf Christians, and even for people who are not deaf. Good deaf bible teachers and deaf leaders are few and far between in what is supposed to be our Christian country.

Opportunities are limited for deaf people and they have more of a problem with understanding English. I know this is true, because I am myself deaf. We need to set up a proper training course for deaf people to become a leader or a pastor.

It is difficult to know where to start and get involved with deaf believers, but for any deaf people wanting to learn about 'the things of God'; this is where Deaf Bible Ministries comes in.

So, may I invite you to join the Deaf Bible Ministries? If you join,

  • You do not have to pay us anything,
  • You do not have to agree with what we say,
  • You do not have to become a member,
  • We are not looking for a profit,
  • We will not charge anything for our literature.

Just give me your name, home address and or email address by clicking in the box provided via our ''Contact us' web page and order any articles you want to read from 'Publications List' webpage. You will also get a free newsletter, providing our funding is available.

I am not trying to make or compel you follow us......we are not a church or a religion or a charity. We are just here to do the ministry of helping deaf people to learn more about the Gospel, the Bible, the Truth, and also about the Christian faith, so that they can enjoy their Christian life and to learn more about Jesus Christ and can serve and know Him better.

You will gain a lot of knowledge and understanding if only you are willing to learn. We do not teach our ideas or opinions or even what we believe; we only teach what the Bible says, because it is what God says in His word (Mathew 4: 4).

Ian Funnell,
Founder/Director and Website Administrator

© October 2011

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